Connecting People With Places

Harriet Roberts and a team of associates create feel-good happenings that draw big crowds. After working in live events, television and radio for the BBC for over 25 years, Harriet now provides advice to Business Improvement Districts, town centre management teams, tourism departments, local authorities, shopping centres, charities and a range of partners to offer solutions for animating and marketing spaces in order to drive footfall. This may be by providing one-off advice, ideas and consultancy, delivering a full scale festival or any of the steps in between to help you create a memory-making event that will increase visitors and engage people with your space.

More About Harriet



Advice on animating a space to deliver footfall to a town centre or retail area.


Imaginative ideas for spectacular stunts and crowd-pleasing, memory-making events.


Linking with associates to provide event branding, marketing campaign planning, advertising, websites, content making, PR & social media


Engaging and eye-catching branding and PR ideas that bring event ideas to life.

Thwaites Empire Theatre
Blackburn Heritage Festival
Countryside Comes To Town
BBC Breathing Places
  • I’ve known Harriet for more than 15 years and no matter what she’s worked on she ALWAYS given it 100% and not only that it’s done with a smile. I’ve seen her turn projects around with her enthusiasm, inspire volunteers and find new and interesting ways to capture the publics imagination.Sally Naden
  • It’s always a pleasure to meet up with and work with Harriet – she has a great love for her work and can never do enough to make it as simple and easy for me – A true professional who really cares.Wendi Peters
  • I have encountered Harriet during her time at Thwaites (Redbrick) Theatre and have always found her enthusiastic, efficient and personable. I believe her people and organisational skills would benefit any project or organisation.John Miles
  • I first met Harriet when she was single-handedly running Thwaites Empire Theatre on a budget of buttons. I was introduced via her Chairman and both he and I found her to be a “mover of mountains”. She’s tenacious and leaves the taste of enthusiasm with anyone that she comes into contact with. Once met, never forgot. I like her style, it’s infectious!Tony Raynor
  • I worked with Harriet on a project for the Empire Theatre, Ewood, Blackburn, researching and collating the history of the theatre building and producing a book for their Centenary Celebrations in 2012. I found Harriet’s enthusiasm inspiring and was impressed with her professionalism and organisational capabilities.Melanie Warren